Hans Alfredson, 1931 - 2017

Hans Alfredsson by Per Åhlin

Today Hans Alfredsson passed away at 86 years of age. If you ain't a Swede or at least Scandinavian you would rightfully ask: Who?

Well, the importance of Hans Alfredson in Swedish culture and entertainment can hardly be overstated. It is however impossible to fully convey his importance to youngsters and non-Swedes who did not experience Sweden in the 1960s, 1970s or 1980s. Those were probably his most productive and successful years. He was, among many other things, a comedian, a showman, an actor, a writer, a director of movies, TV, theater and shows. Internationally he would have been most noted for his brilliant film The Simple-Minded Murderer (1982) in which Stellan Skarsgard had his break-through role outside Sweden.

Hans Alfredsson was also the father of directors Thomas Alfredson (Let the Right One In, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy) and Daniel Alfredson (The Girl Who Played with Fire, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest )

Vila i frid Herr Lindeman, Herr Garbo, Don José m fl.



This day 50 years ago Sweden switched from driving on the left-hand side of the road to the right. The 3rd of September 1967 was named Dagen H (the H-day, with H standing for Höger (Right).
Apparently the transition went well, in parts due to a massive information campaign. You can probably spot the H-logo in the magazine cover above. Below you'll find other H-day related items.


Janne ”Loffe” Carlsson

Swedish film and television actor, TV show host, musician Janne "Loffe" Carlsson died this morning. In the late 1960s he was the 'Karlsson' of the Swedish jazz fusion/psychedelic rock duo Hansson & Karlsson (with hammond organist Bo Hansson).

Janne ”Loffe” Carlsson (Jan Edvard Carlsson) 1937 - 2017.


The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Art: Bernie Wrightson. Image source: Fantasy Ink

Director of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Poltergeist William Tobe Hooper died yesterday. (January 25, 1943 – August 26, 2017). 

Hopefully they won't build a planned community on top of his grave.


Bo von Zweigbergk

Selfportrait, Bo von Zweigbergk, 1922.

Malmö hamn (Malmö Harbour), Bo von Zweigbergk, 1922. via Adventures of the Blackgang 

Vy mot Skeppsholmen, Bo von Zweigbergk, 1921. via Adventures of the Blackgang 




Old Stockholm Pharmacies

These beautiful sculptural signs says that here lies or used to lie an old Stockholm pharmacy. The Moose, The Raven, The Angel, The Elephant, The Phoenix, The Crown, Saint Erik, The Dragon, The Owl, The Stork, The Leopard, The Marten.

For the Swedish reader: Historiska apotek i Stockholm