"In 1969 Searle published a book of sketches made on location in the strip-shows and cabarets of the St Pauli district of Hamburg. The French edition had a much more eye-catching cover." (see art above and with title here)



Poster Details

Since 2009 I've posted a number of images which I call "poster details" They are details/parts of vintage movie posters for exploitation/horror/sci-fi movies. Most of the posters I found at the great Wrong side of the art. Below you can see some of the "details" collected in a couple of collages. Also I have an album on Flickr for them.

The Martin Klasch 10 year anniversary rerun series


Unrealised Projects For Moscow

Let's kick off the 10 year anniversary rerun series with the first Martin Klasch post ever, from 2nd of May 2005.

Palace of Soviets (Dom Sovetov). O.Iofan, O.Gelfreikh, V.Schuko. Sculptor S.Merkulov. A Version of the approved project. 1934

Original link broken

New links: Moscow architecture from the 1930s to the early 1950s, Unrealised Stalinist Moscow, Moskow 30 50 Unrealised Projects (slideshow)
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The Martin Klasch 10 year anniversary rerun series

Martin Klasch 10 Years Anniversary

Lo and behold, today the Martin Klasch blog turns 10 years old! In celebration of this occasion we'll now begin a favorite post rerun series which we hereby name: These Are Some Of My Favorite Things. I'm thinking this project is going to run during the next few months. As they say: Stay tuned!

Coming up: a rerun of the first Martin Klasch post ever.