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I'm not sure what library music means (is it music produced to be used when needed on tv and movies and such? But for no particular program? *See update at the bottom of this post) but Monone's library of library music is french, cool, instrumental and groovy 60s and 70s stuff. Full original records and his own compilations. At least one of those has a song by/with Swedish guitar man Janne Schaffer! get into the groove!

Thanks to Seidrik of Seidrik Contemplatif Actif. Check out his artwork. Some of it works fine with the music!

Martin Klasch reader Tyler Lord of Destruction (Thanks!) sent a Wikipedia link describing music library. As suspected it has more than one meaning. I guess the quoted description below is what comes closest to what monone is dealing with. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

"It is not uncommon to find special libaries in for-profit ventures. These might be either for companies that specialize in providing music and music resources to departments of music and conservatories or for companies involved in the more commercial/pop music industry. These last collect and commission music for use in media productions, generally TV, film, advertising, radio and new media. They license this music on a royalty-free basis."


Tyler Lord Of Destruction said...


What Wikipedia has to say on the subject of library music.

Martin Klasch said...

Thanks :D That wasn't very destructive!

Seidrik said...

Merci à toi ! good to know you like..this kind of music !
very good illustrations in BibliOdyssey.
nice gallery.
A plus!