Retro: La Vie À Bord

La vie à bord Air France. Movie clips, photos and more showing the history and look of Air France through the years. Beautifully made.

Thanks to Anonymous


Muse said...

my Dad worked for United Air Lines here in the states for 42 yrs.
my memories are still vivid of those early yrs in stuffy planes,
twin engine and many hr flights, as opposed to those of swiftness
today. i'll have to forward this to him. although we don't speak
French, it's a great, creatively made site.
Thanks for sharing it & Cheers from the Underbelly of the us of a

P-E Fronning said...

Unfortunately , I don't speak French either, but as you say, Muse, it's a great site anyhow. You are welcome from the tummy of Sweden.

modmom said...

it doesn't load por mois.
i just see clouds + hear music
i'll keep trying..

ulf said...

ne plus ultra. nothing further. great tip.

P-E Fronning said...

Modmom: Quell dommage! Tres triste! Sad to hear that and I which I could help you:(

Ulf: Great trip you mean!

josephzohn said...

Det var ont om bord ombord

P-E Fronning said...

Ont bord ska man inte ha med ombord. Några små tabletter går dock bra.