Interior Design: Motorola Advertisements

Motorola Advertisements

Via Neurastenia


Chris said...

Looks like someone scanned them from Taschen's "Ads of the 1960's" book. Always loved Motorola's ads.

P-E Fronning said...

Must be a great book. Must look for it!

josephzohn said...

Wunderbaum ... wunderbar ..

P-E Fronning said...


modmom said...

i love these pictures.
i posted them too a few months ago.
hey, here's an interesting site you might want to post, it's too racey for my blog. it's 1969 spygirls in a movie called some girls do:


P-E Fronning said...

A-hum! I'm a little behind is that what you're saying?! Just kidding. They are lovely and so are Pandora and Helga! Thanks for the tip! :)