The Martin Klasch Re-Post-O-Rama...

...is finally over. The past week's re-posts was, as I said earlier, a one-year-jubilee-thing. I also said it would last a week and one week has gone so that's it (for now). For our collective convenience I have gathered the re-posts on a new blog that I've called Martin Klasch - These Are Some Of My Favorite Things.

Finally: You might have noticed that I've borrowed the visual style for the re-post images from El Burlador. Thanks Fede, I hope you didn't mind! See it as a homage!


josephzohn said...

Det var ett kanon-itiv med denna re-vecka.
Att dessutom lägga dom på en speciell minnessida är ju lysande.
Slipper man bokmärka och man kan dessutom kolla vidare i lugn och ro!

Bibi said...

You made a fantastic work P-E! I couldn't do that...(I don't have patience enough). I'm thinking about give a link to you. If I don't that kick me to remember, ok? :)

P-E Fronning said...

Thanks both of you for nice words in different languages!
And Bibs: you put in a lot of work into many of your posts!! So I don't know what your talkin' about :)