January 28, 2010

Catcher In The Rye

Original title: Catcher In The Rye
Cover by: Per Åhlin
Printed: 1964 

Record Covers: Black Panther Party

Drawger/Stephen Kroninger: Emory Douglas 2

Children's Illustration: Puff

Curious Pages: Puff by William Wondriska, 1960

Technology: Yes, me too...

I'm generally not very interested in technology and I'm never first to buy new stuff. This time is no exception but now I've finally succumbed to the iPhone craze and got myself one. (I felt I should get a new cell phone and there was a massive campaign in Sweden with reasonable prices, I guess)

So I'm an iPhone newbie and I thought I'd just ask you what your favorite applications and uses for the phone are. Tell me, please, I'd like to know.

PS. I like free stuff ;)

Bishop says: "Stanza (for downloading/reading public domain stuff), NPR (stream whatever station you want anywhere in the world), Sheep Launcher (for sheer silliness), Echofon (for twitter), Classics2Go (56 public domain goodies and counting - nicer interface than Stanza, but limited selection. Good, but limited).

Welcome to the KoolAid!"

The Subtle Rudder said: "I love what I get from the iphone camera, especially when I use Camerabag to make shots to look like they were taken with old toy cameras or on polaroid film. "Helga" is my favorite filter--it's the Camerabag version of the Holga style. This is my absolute favorite app. You can also download photoshop to crop your pix in-camera.

I use the Amazon app way too often, but my god, how satisfying (and dangerous) to research products, then make your purchase right there on your phone. There's also an ebay app, but I am no longer allowed to use that.

You can access all your social media: echofon for twitter, FB, Flickit to upload pix to Flickr.

I love wordle and the NYTimes xword puzzle app.

I downloaded Huffington Post and AP News, just to have something to read in lines, but HuffPo is a little unserious and all over the place, and AP just means I'm reading the same headlines across many sources. I now prefer McSweeney's for time-killing content.

Enjoy your iCrack! And learn from my sorry example and try not to get a rep as someone who takes his iphone into the bathroom with him, because he can't be away from its delights for even that long. ;)"


Gif Animation: Smokin'

Via ..:: josephzohn | goosevisionen ::.. via Mogadonia

Book Covers: Czechoslovakian

A Journey Round My Skull: Czechoslovakian Expose

January 18, 2010

Movies: Le Corbeau

Le Corbeau (1943) - IMDb
Le Corbeau - Wikipedia
Le Corbeau (1943) Trailer - YouTube

Title screen


Children's Books: French, 1900 to 1949

Andre Helle, Grosses betes and petites betes, 191-?

A Journey Round My Skull: Birds, Berets, and Butterflies - French Kids' Books from 1900 to 1949

En soffliggares dagbok

En soffliggares dagbok (The Diary of an Abstainer*) by Tage Danielsson, illustrations by Per Åhlin: A little book about a man's thoughts about the upcoming election to the Swedish parliament in 1968. He discusses with himself his non-existing interest in politics and comes to the conclusion that he is actually not uninterested. He discusses the pros and cons of the different political parties and finally goes off to vote.
* my translation

January 10, 2010

Music: The Music Of Nilsson

For The Love Of Harry: The Music Of Nilsson (1971 BBC TV Special)
Via Bedazzled
Harry Nilsson (Wikipedia)

Vintage Comics: OOOOF!

Ephemera: Catsuit

Pulp International: "It’s ingeniously simple. The centerspread is a piece of semi-transparent white paper inked in such a way as to strategically block portions of the pages beneath. /.../ But lift the white paper and you see the same figure nude." NSFW?

Ephemera: Tropicana

Pulp International: Cuba’s Tropicana nightclub turns seventy years old today (December 30)
via PCL

Actresses: The Hot Pepper

All Things Amazing: Lupe Velez
Lupe Vélez (Wikipedia)

Vintage Design: Fladdermusen

Femtiotalsjakten: Fladdermusen - en 1950-talssymbol från 30-talet
The Bat (The Butterfly Chair) - a 1950s symbol from the 30s

January 8, 2010

Graphics: Bull!

The original graphic (which I have altered a bit) is from a 1960 ad found at Vintage Scans.

Vintage Ads/Fashion: Stored Food

Health-Tex ad, 1967. Found at vintage ads.

January 1, 2010

Book Covers: Swedish Crime and Adventure Literature

Examples from the collection by Olle Eksell, Martin Gavler, Per Beckman, Rolf Lagerson, Hans Arnold, Albert Andersson...

Svenska Deckarsidorna: Originalupplagor av svensk kriminal- och äventyrslitteratur

Excellent collection of Swedish crime and adventure literature sorted by year - 1883 to today.