Illustration: Old Children's Books

Do yourself a favor and brows through Eric Sturdevant's photosets on Flickr. They are great. Start with this one: Old Children's Books. Also visit his blog Fun All Around.

Via mod*mom


Seidrik said...

I like his work, as good for children as for parents ! You make good choice whith Horace the hippo...

modmom said...

thank you for visiting my blog + creditiing me for this link + your compliment on my blog + your well wishes for my recovery.
i really appreciate it.
my blog is therapy to distract me + keep a positive attitude.
it's nice to connect with people who get a kick out of the same stuff.

P-E Fronning said...

Seidrik: Horace is great - but don't feed him!

Modmom: :D

josephzohn said...

Ständigt denne Horace!

P-E Fronning said...


Seidrik said...

I don't understand why does people never let messages...!
May be they can't give opinion.. worth ! they don't have opinion...
I went on your other blog and i can say
that a reallly good job too !
Travels in the past, the shape, the colors, the present, the way of life...
us..and the others ! I care for Horace
He's find , he thinks that France move well with the contestations !
And it's only the beginning...!
see ya & keep goin'on

P-E Fronning said...

Thanks for your kind words, Seidrik!
It's true, one doesn't get much feedback. Right now I get about 150-200 unique visitors daily and only maybe 2 comments /day. It ain't much. But it's no use getting upset about it. I do it mainly for my own pleasure but sure, if there was no feedback at all I'm not sure I would continue. I'm glad you appreciated Musselsoppans vänner too. Au revoir!

Seidrik said...

Wow ! 15O-200 visitors dayly, for me you'r a celebrity... i begun last week , so when somebody find my "bottle in the sea" , i' m just happy ! it may happens something..better,
they can let critics.... Thanks for your feedback on my blog.
Glad to meet you mod*mom
And of course you're baby is the best !

P-E Fronning said...

Commenting on other blogs you like is (as you've realized) a great way of getting your own blog noticed! That's how I found mod*mom :)