Photo: Abandoned places

has so many empty houses ... so many suburban cars invade and leave the city as traffic-jam-waves of the daily tide.

What goes on inside these houses during these cycles of chaotic influx and drain ?
Who has the key ?"

Photos of abandoned places in Brussels, Belgium and from all over the world.

UPDATE: Obsolete links.


josephzohn said...

Samtidigt på Massalagagga
... Theres a gost in my house ...
Märkliga äro Robert Linds vägar.
Men detta tackar jag för.
Ska studera lite nogrannare när Lind och jag har mer tid och ro ..

P-E Fronning said...

Jo, lite spöklika foton får man säga. Outgrundliga är Martin Klaschs vägar som jag brukar säga...

space debris said...

thanks - interesting site...
note that several of the abandoned places have recently been renovated and started a new life as upperclass lofts or trendy office buildings.
it's the Brussels Building Boom.