Movies: Freaks

Tod Browning's classic cult movie Freaks from 1932 has been made available at Google Video! Who has done such a good deed? Go and ask Bibi and also find the Google Video link there! (Don't miss Häxan either. But the conscious reader knows I have already mentioned this)


Seidrik said...

Un film hypnotique...
le pouvoir magique des images..

Muse said...

This is indeed worth seeing. Rented it a few years back and glad we did.
I'm in the process of recording some Circus performers in this area, most
in their 80s, and I've been told even they were looked at as deformed, yet
in another way. Sometimes people can be so judgemental! ; (

P-E Fronning said...

Seidrik: Hypnotic indeed! :)
Muse: I don't care what anyone says I'm gonna run away and join the circus!

Muse said...

if you can fine one. they're disappearing quite fast. from the stories i've
been hearing, not only were they great fun, but excitement abounded
behind the scenes, if you know what i mean ; )

1977 said...

One of the most disturbing and fascinating movies ever. I've been lucky enough to watch it on a movie theater. I had watched it before, but it was like I was doing it for the first time. Freaks should be considered as an educational film and should be shown in schools all over the World.