Re-post #14: My Favorite Café

My Favorite Café - Konditori Valands, Stockholm
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Muse said...

Since moving to the midwest from San Francisco, well, you'd be
surprised what they call Cafe's out here. When I worked at the paper, this is where I would go:
Great Espresso and lot's of arty types.
And this bookstore was around the block:
Do I miss SF? You betcha, but it's cheap out here!
Plus Chicago and other big towns are only a few hrs away.
Sorry, got nostalgic for interesting place to sip/eat/chat with interesting people! ; )
Cheers and Thanks for sharing this!!!!

P-E Fronning said...

Thanks! This café "of mine" is run by the same ol' man who started it in 1956 (!!!) But he's of course really old now (half deaf) and everytime I go there I sort of expect it to be closed. I fear that the interiors will just be destroyed that day :( So whenever I'm in the neighborhood I try to pop in and enjoy it while it's there. It's mostly almost empty, perfect for reading. They only have plain coffee (no modern stuff like latte) a little sandwich, a cinnamonroll and small cookies. I love it.

Muse said...

That's how the Trieste is, same family from the 50s.
Here in the states Starbucks keeps popping up as a
coffeehouse, but it's share of sales is high calorie sugar
drinks, with cups that people walk around with, showing the Logo,
as if it were a trophy or something. Ugh.
Anyway, on a visit to Germany in the late 80s, the outdoor cafes etc
were very much an experience.
If I were born back in the "olden times" I surely would have spent all my time
listening to the poets, debating with the philosophers and enjoying the music.