Re-post #22: Various Graphic Art

Les cinq carnets
"Onomatopeyas" - Visual Sound Effects from the 60s Batman TV series
Catetos (or "the silly families" as we say in Sweden)
Did You Ever Have A Dream Like This?
- Tall Tale Postcards
Blue Note record covers
Futurist artist Fortunato Depero
Erotic ABC

Works of Bob Peak
Works of Robert McGinnis
La Saga Cigarette - collection of cigarette packs
Yamauchi Kazuaki
I like: sweet wrappers
Eric Sturdevant's photosets on Flickr - Children's books illustrations
A Sampler of Things

Russian graphics of the 20s
Fleer (bubblegum manufacturer) 1979 Crazy Labels
Brazilian Record Cover Art

Constant blog sources of visual inspiration: ASIFA Hollywood Animation Archive Project Blog, Drawn!, Agence Eureka, BibliOddysey, El Burlador and many many more (see sidebar)

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pk said...

I absolutely love Lefor-Openo work. Just outstanding. I'll have to save this and work my way through the rest.
[and thanks for the yip!]