Art: The making of Hötorgskonst

At Make:, where I found it, they call it "a Mesmerizing video" and I would agree. Watch for 8.54 minutes as Janez Jevnikar "Sprayman" creats a piece of "science fiction art" using only spray paint. In Sweden we might call this Hötorgskonst* and that's not, generally, a flattering description. But this is fun to watch!

* Hötorget is a square in Stockholm where similar kinds of "art" was/is? sold. Konst is art.


Bibi said...

Wow! There are some guys that do the same at market, on the streets of São Paulo. But still impressive.

jason said...

Now that is impressive, to say the least, he should be working for ILM :)

P-E Fronning said...

:) Why not, Jason.