Poster Art: Hammer Film

"Hammer Film Productions is a film production company in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1934, the company is best known for a series of Gothic "Hammer Horror" films produced from the late 1950s until the 1970s." (more from Wikipedia)

The Hammer Collection De Daniel Frenette, is a French website dedicated to this film company. If you don't master the French lingo why don't you brows through the large collection of posters and cinema cards.

Via Bibi's Box

Another nice Hammer Film site is Dictionary of Hammer Horror. It contains lots of information and nice screen shots like this one:

"Original trailer for "The Vampire Lovers" a 1970 British Hammer Horror film directed by Roy Ward Baker and starring Peter Cushing, Polish actress Ingrid Pitt and Kate O'Mara. It is based on the J. Sheridan Le Fanu novella Carmilla and is part of the so-called Karnstein Trilogy of films. Other films in the trilogy are Lust for a Vampire (1971) and Twins of Evil (1972). The three films were somewhat daring for the time in explicitly depicting lesbian themes." (Uploaded by Desconocida )


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