Nostalgia: The Persuaders!

The car race between Moore and Curtis in the first episode. This is how they meet. After this clip they will start a fight over how many olives goes into a Dry Martini. (Uploaded by Dansmoncafe)

"The Persuaders!
is a British television series, which first aired in 1971 and 1972 in Britain's ITV and on the ABC Network in the United States. The series starred Tony Curtis, as Danny Wilde, and Roger Moore, as Lord Brett Sinclair, both millionaire international playboys, but from very different American and British backgrounds." (more from Wikipedia)
The show was a big fiasco in the States (they only showed 20 out of the 24 episodes) but it was a big success in many European countries. Moore had only signed up for one season so he could easily sneak off to doing Bond and Curtis, well honestly, his good days had already ended some time ago, hadn't they?
Maybe the fact that only one season was done the show managed to keep a high standard and thus in time creating the cult status which it holds for many. But of course then there was the fast cars, the glamorous chicks, the flashy settings, the witty dialogue, John Barry's outstanding theme music...
- The show was called Snobbar som jobbar in Sweden (which means Snobs on the job or something like that), France: Amicalement votre, Denmark: De uheldige helte (meaning The Unlucky Heroes according to Dans Mon Café), Germany: Die 2, The Netherlands: De Versierders, Italy: Attenti a quei due

- A motion picture remake starring Steve Coogan and Ben Stiller is currently in the works.



Dansmoncafe said...

:) 'De uheldige helte' means The unlucky heroes. It actually sounds kinda cool in Danish :-)

P-E Fronning said...

Thanks for that piece of information! ;)