PhotoShopping: The Missing Link

whom it may concern.



Bibi said...

Ok, my dictionary won't help me this time... but whod did this??? You? You are a bad guy! :P

Johnny said...

Bibi, he is tormenting me.

P-E Fronning said...

Well, I don't know about torment (I know you love it) but I'm responsable and Johnny is the monkey. As I told him, when you are too self-centered, this is what happens ;)

The text: "Hm... Wait a minute! Doesn't this frame (eyeglass) make me look like something betweeen a pretentious computer game critic and the lost link!"

First... which has nothing to do with his ego-trips, a few days J showed a photo, he had found, of a hairless monkey that he though looked sad and in need of a hug.

Second... he has, for days, been obsessed with what a particular frame would look on him. His oldest son said that: He looked like a (clever-looking) computer game critic on tv who's really too old to do it.

Third... I told him his son sounded smart and I wondered from where he had gotten that and that he needn't answer.

Fourth... he likes his face on the blog. And now he's on mine too!! You love it monkey-man!