Video: Speaking of Animals - Cow Cow Boogie

from the genius "Speaking of Animals" series done by Jerry Fairbanks (from an idea from his buddy Tex Avery!) for Paramount in the 1940's" More to come says PappyStuckey who uploaded it.

Via Fokital (NSFW)


.Hemaworstje said...

yes yes should have linked it to you . boe . loved it.

RYP said...

hey P-E Fronning,
I have a glass of milk with that vid!

some other food for you at Twilightzone:
P.J. Proby "I Am P.J Proby" 1964 / "P.J Proby" 1965

enjoy as I the swinging cows did!

P-E Fronning said...

Hemaworstje: "Should have linked it to me"? I think you are more confused than ever... "boe" What does that mean? Anyway, I loved it!

RYP: Very nice!!! Downloading as I "speak" and I've already posted! :) Thanks!