Animation: Winnie the Pooh in the Soviet Union

A year ago I uploaded a few snippets of the Soviet made Winnie the Pooh which I thought were truly delightful. And now I'm happy to say that YouTube signature kuba0000 has done the good deed of uploading full episodes in 4 parts. They were made in 1969-1972 by the acclaimed film company Soyuzmultfilm, known for a number of celebrated animations like the series about Cheburashka and short films like Hedgehog In The Fog and The Heron and the Crane (Watch them at Videos With Bibi!).

For your convenience I have collected the Soviet-made Winnie-the-Pooh-episodes into one playlist. (see below). I found them through this article in the blog Think In Pictures where the image of Pooh is discussed. For me Pooh has many faces; I love the originals from the book made by Englishman E H Shepherd, however one can't deny that the Disney version exists in one's conscience but now they have both been joined by the fresh images of the Soviet Pooh. I hope you too will enjoy him, although there are no subtitles. You probably know the stories well-enough to follow. Follow?

PS. You'd better hurry watching it. You never know for how long it'll be available!



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It is really delightful,

I definitely love it. now i going to see all the 4 parts of Wine the Pooh.

Thanks of pulling it together and sharing.

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