Link Dump: Film Noir, Kapow!!, Russian Posters & Stewardesses

Josephzohn presents a couple of nice film noir links. First check out a site about French posters for American film noir and then click for a blog about film noir suitably called "Noir of the Week" and its archive.

Bibi comes up with this suggestion: "Museum of Russian Posters". It is more or less a repost at Martin Klasch - in June we publishes a post for this Flickr set containing all (?) of the posters from the mentioned site - so if you'd rather watch it at Flickr...

Mr Dante wants us to look at some cool screenshots from Batman: The Movie (1966).WHAP! KAPOW! THWACK!

Kane (The World Of...) has served us with a number of cool posts the last couple of weeks. He pays attention to designers, photographers, illustrators etc: Irving Harper. Alvin Lustig. Paul Rand. Frank Habicht. He also takes us on a trip with airline stewardesses, airline design and identity and Braniff ads.


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