Music: Takeshi Terauchi and the Bunnys

Twilightzone! presents Takeshi "Terry" Terauchi and the Bunnys' record "Seichô Takeuchi-Bushi" from 1967. Think Ventures-style Japanese folksongs. How about that?

Congratulations to Twilightzone! and its creator RYP who has shared odd and hard to find music for a whole year now. Keep it up!



RYP said...

he P-E,
very nice new layout for your side!
and thanks for the link... I'll try to keep our chairs rockin' (in times the deleter is chasing me)!


P-E Fronning said...

Thanks (about the layout). It was time for a change.
"The Deleter" - Wow!! Sounds like a supervillain! Watch out!