Music Video: Brook Benton - Mother Nature, Father Time

Yes! It's finally here.
I've asked Bedazzled for it before and now at last everybody can enjoy this fantastic video. Just to make sure you'll watch it I've posted some teaser screenshots for you. But of course it doesn't even give you half an idea.
Mother Nature, Father Time was both the name of a single and an album from Brook Benton in 1965. Neither of them did very well on the charts but that's neither here nor there today. No, for today you'll see the video which is ranked #1 on my weirdo chart. Enjoy!

Watch it at YouTube or go to Bedazzled for other options.

Note: For Swedish readers I'd just like to say that I saw this at least once on the TV show Nattsudd with Svante Grundberg and Björn Wallde some time between -85 and -88 and was instantly smitten. And the sounds and images has stuck in my memory since. And now you know. Soon they will have stuck to yours.





Johnny said...

"Father Time" var verkligen en bizarr figur.

P-E Fronning said...

Johnny says Father Time surely was a bizarre figure.
I'd say so. One example of that is this: The first time I saw this video it was only 20 years old... and now 40!! And the bizarre thing is really that I was about 20 years old and now nearly 40!! What the...??? Whose fault? Father Time or foxy Mother Nature?

Eric said...
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Speedcat Hollydale said...

Well layed out page Martin. Being new to blogger, I'll check out stronger sites to see how it's really done. Yours is one of the best.

Speedcat Hollydale

P-E Fronning said...

Thanks Speedcat! I try to keep it simple and clean. As you have noticed it's easy to overload it ;-) I too have tried different styles and additions along the way. I hope you find a look you'll be happy with and that you'll have a good time with Blogger.