Blog: Biggest Part Of My Life Is Me.

Those of us who has followed Mr Peanut Butter Sandwich knows that he every once in a while gets tired of his blog and starts over in an other shape. Now he has done it again! Last time, when he closed down Earnest Little Cartoon Guy, I and several others had a hard time finding him so for all of you here's a link to the new blog: Biggest Part Of My Life Is Me.

Update: He says about the new blog "I think I wanted a blog that's a bit more personal and a bit more like a diary with links and other stuff I dig intertwined, so to speak."

PS He also says he'll keep the old blog but he won't update it.



mrdantefontana said...

Great title of the blog if he means business. But you never know with Frank. That's what makes his "blogs" so interesting. Never a dull moment.

P-E Fronning said...

yep :)