Le Jukebox Français 2: Jacques Dutronc

The second French artist presented in the music video series Le Jukebox Français - is Jacques Dutronc. Let's go!

Thanks to the artist and to those who uploaded the videos to YouTube!



jeanphi said...

Don't get me wrong : i do love your site wich is often a source of inspiration for some post on my blog ; in others words, i'm a fan.
But, as a French, and as a french teacher too, i must underline the fact that you should have written "Le Jukebox à la française" or "Le jukebox français".
Anyway, keep on the good work.


josephzohn said...

Ser att du hittat 12 låtar av den gode Dutronc!
Jag har bara 7 ...
Jobba, jobba, leta, leta lönen den är dålig!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jeanphi,
You have a valid point there, to say the least! How embarrassing! As you understand I unfortunately don't speak or write French. As much as I intended it to sound a bit on the cheesy side - sort of wrong - I'm gonna drop the "e". So from now on it will be "Le jukebox français". I don't think I have gotten you wrong - you love us. We'll be checking you're blog out for a doze of French from now on. Au revoir(e)! ;)

/P-E Fronning

Anonymous said...

Käre Mr J,
Kolla inte så slarvigt på min fina spellista! Spellistan som numera heter "Le jukebox français" (formerly known as Prince) kommer växa sig större - det finns alltså inte en lista med endast Dutronc. Comprenez-vous?

Imorgon kommer en ny gubbe läggas till. Sedan tar jag upphåll för att fara till de francophona (frankåfåna?) länderna några dagar. Men sedan får det väl vara dags för en fransk tant på listan. Eller vad säger du?

P-E Fronning

josephzohn said...

Aha sjö cömprende!

A frankåfåna paiser?

Vore inte helt fel med några franska damer i le jykbox!

Bånn voajage

P-E Fronning said...

Märsii, Månsinjör!!