FYI: mod*mom is getting a make over! (edit)

No, the excellent blog does not need a make over! OK, here's the deal: mod*mom thinks she needs a make over and she's among the final few to win one (over here). If you know her stylish blog you might also know that she has been fighting breast cancer for a while now. So if she says she needs a make over I'll believe her.

Voting is over - MOD*MOM WON!!

Thanks for voting for her!



modmom said...

thank you so much p-e!
it's so embarrassing to beg for votes for a makeover, but it's really nice to get votes + help begging for votes.
thank you sooo much. i hope i win!
i am pretty embarrassed about this.
i don't even wear makeup, but i probably need some, + it includes other stuff like a gym membership i do need.

P-E Fronning said...

Stop feeling embarrassed already! Of course you should get that makeover!

modmom said...

thank you p-e!