Album Covers: More catastrophic ones...

Do you ever get tired of catastrophic album covers? I know I don't - especially not the crazy ones for Swedish dance bands of the 70s with their super-crazy-ugly-ass costumes. So here's another Swedish blog dedicated to the subject: Katastrofala omslag (yes, you guessed it: Catastrophic Covers). It's in Swedish but it's still the pictures that counts. Enjoy!

Via PCL Link Dump

By the way, I heard one (part) explanation to why the costumes got to be so outrageous. It had to do with tax reduction for working clothes/uniforms. If they could be worn outside of work reduction was invalid. I guess there is some truth to it, but it can not account for all of the craziness! Be that how it may; let's give our thanks to the Swedish IRS!



Todd Colby said...

This is terrific.

P-E Fronning said...

Catastrophicly so ;-)