Ingmar Bergman: Persona - the Prolog

uploaded to YouTube by ropbo

Of the much fêted opening scenes in the film, Bergman has said that he wanted to make a poem in images: "I reflected on what was important, and began with the projector and my desire to set it in motion. But when the projector was running, nothing came out of it but old ideas, the spider, God's lamb, all that dull stuff. My life then consisted of dead people, brick walls, and a few dismal trees out in the park."

from Ingmar Bergman Face to Face



Anonymous said...

The Scandinavia of our favorite Bergman, the 1982 Fanny and Alexander, was a wintry world of dour Puritanism and hard-scrabble lives. Those who had means took care of others, but in a fashion so joyless that one would hope to do without their charity.

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P-E Fronning said...

Yes, well, I guess I can't argue with that.

However we can also in that harsh world of raw capitalism of almost a hundred years ago find a portrait of a sense of family - family taking care of family - that we to a large extent have lost in our well fair state of today.

There are many aspects on pros and cons of the society of today and that of yesterday.