Vintage beverage: Cuba Cola

"Cuba Cola
was the first cola in the Swedish market - introduced in 1953 and still going strong. The label has been kept unchanged over the years and is a good example of true 50s design. The taste is characterized by the robust taste of cola and many think this is what a real cola should taste like." - Krönleins Bryggeri

"The recipe is owned by Saturnus AB of Malmö and it's brewed on license by Vasa bryggeri, Heines bryggeri, Guttsta Källa and Krönleins." - Wikipedia

"Saturnus produced a great many products during the Second World War to supplement products that were in short supply, and thus became even more well known in Swedish households. " / ". At the same time, the trendy post-War fashions from the USA resulted in a great deal of interest in Cola drinks. The debate was heated, and Coca Cola wasn't allowed to market its products in Sweden until 1953. Saturnus was ready - Cuba Cola was launched a few months before Saturnus' American competitor began marketing its products." - Saturnus

"... beating Coca-Cola by three months. The soft drink has in reality nothing to do with the country of Cuba, although it serves as an alternative cola drink to the many anti-American (or anti-globalization) youths of Sweden." - Wikipedia

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