Statistics: The Three Most Popular Posts

I just realized, checking in on the stats, that Martin Klasch had a hit post almost two weeks ago - on the 1st of this month to be exact. Sure there were a few comments but not a staggering amount so I had no idea.

The average number of unique visitors a day, over the last two years is 301 but during the same period three (3) posts have created some major traffic - or so I think anyway.

The first and the most popular one was The James Bond title sequences on the 21st of November 2006 - unfortunately those videos are gone from YouTube but most or all the titles can be found if you search for them. Anyway, it generated 8,691 visitors and about 20,000 "extra" visitors all together.

The second peak visible on the chart was small in comparison peaking at 2,087 (approximately 4,500 in total). The post, on the 2nd of February 2007, was this one: Desmond Dekker - Israelites. Oh yes, go ahead - you can still watch and listen to the great Mr Dekker.

And now, finally, the third "top post" and the one I began telling you about in the beginning of this post. The second most popular post ever for this blog is... *drum roll*: Lion in a sidecar! It took in about 7,500 visitors total in one week and peaking on the 1st of August (2008) at 5,065. It seems that MetaFilter was mainly responsible for spreading the word. The other times I believe it was boingboing's fault.

So, how do we wrap this post up? Why have I been reading this, you ask. Is there a conclusion or a moral to it all? Golly, what demands! Well, I don't know, maybe it makes it pretty obvious that a post need not be very elaborate or very good to be a hit. This blog has certainly had more elaborate and some better posts. That's what I think at least. But whether or not you create a hit has a great deal to do with timing and luck. But you already knew that. Thanks for reading.

PS. No I don't think this post will grab a spot in the Martin Klasch hall of fame.


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