Swedish Actresses: Janet Agren

1966-67 just before her movie career began. Photo: Anders Hilding

Janet Agren

(Janet Ågren)
"(born 6 April 1949 in Landskrona) is a Swedish actress of mostly Italian exploitation films. Her modeling career brought her to Italy where she started to appear in films, such as Umberto Lenzi's Mangiati Vivi (1980) and Richard Fleischer's Red Sonja (1985). She quit acting in the early 1990s and moved to the US where she currently resides."
- Wikipedia

- 57 movies on IMDb
- Borstahustjejen som blev filmstjärna i Italien

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mrdantefontana said...

Landskrona GIRLS

josephzohn said...

She must be the only thing that Landskrona can be proud of :)
And God greated her ...

P-E Fronning said...

Nä IK Atleten (nuvarande Bostahusens BK) ;)

josephzohn said...

And God created IK Atleten?

Undead Film Critic said...

Mmmmm Mmmmm MMMMM! That is nice.

P-E Fronning said...

Nice indeed.

DagoRed said...

Very young in this pic, but she is one of the most beautiful woman I met in my life.

filomeno2006 said...
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