Ephemera: Plonk!

Even more Swedish Soft Drink Labels?! Yep, you bet! How do you like these beauties? I've tried - not very easy - translating the Swedish text from the site where they were found:

"Sound effects soft drinks. These four spectacular soft drinks were on the market in 1985-1986. They were soon to be criticized for containing questionable chemical substances... (!!)
Flämt! - Came in light blue and light green design and tasted
smågodis. (various kinds of candy with a sometimes diffuse flavor to it)
Gulp! - With the taste of
sega bananer (banana flavored foamy candy) and had an intense yellow translucent color.
Plonk! (!!) - Perhaps the least known of the quartet with a taste of
godiskulor (ie, blueberries - and boysenberries candy flavourings)
Wroom! - Hallongelé (Raspberry jelly candy) colored beverage with the taste of ... raspberry jelly candy.

The images and the original Swedish text are found at den nostalgiska läsksidan via the (sometimes) very kind gåsmannen who also recommended this label collector site.

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manuel said...

Gimme the Gulp! drink please.

P-E Fronning said...

Sure just gimme that time machine first. ;)

mrdantefontana said...

Flämt! "Smak av smågodis". Undertexten var ju fantasifull må jag säga!

P-E Fronning said...

Hur f*n smakar smågodis?! Har ni smågodis i Skåne? För att citera en gemensam bekant: Är du skåning? Då vet du. ;)

ashley santiago said...

questionable chemicals like??...drugs and such? LOL

P-E Fronning said...

Haha! Well, looking at the design of these labels I'm not so sure you are not right. ;)

josephzohn said...

Men kölsyran den har dom kvar ...