Flickr: Mid Century Modern Group

Originally uploaded by Art of the Luggage Label.

"Welcome to the Mid Century Modern Sticker, Label and Stamp Club."

says ring leader Dave (Grain Edit). He continues: "This group features Stickers, Labels and Stamps from the mid 1950s to the mid 1970s. This would include: vintage matchbox labels, buvards / blotters, luggage Labels, airline labels and stickers, first day covers and stamps.

We are particularly interested in Eastern European match box labels ( czech republic, hungary, yugoslavia, russia etc.) Airline labels + stickers from Swiss Air, Boac, Braniff, Air France, Air India, SAS, CSA , Sabena and Varig and French Buvards ( especially ones by Herve Morvan, Raymond Savignac and Lefor Openo)"

Mid Century Modern Group at Flickr


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