Swedish Actresses: Babette Bardot

Babette Bardot

"The bonafide star of MONDO TOPLESS is Babette Bardot, a Swedish-French stripper who claimed she was a distant cousin of Babette Bardot and would star as...er...Babette, the scene-stealing French harlot in COMMON LAW CABIN! The mysterious blonde bombshell reportedly also had an affair with Russ in-between films! She mangles the English language like nobody's business, but is never less than captivating in both films. You simply cannot take your eyes off this giantess with the eye-popping figure, and unfortunately she made only one other film (I, MARQUIS DE SADE) before disappearing off the face of the earth." - Mondo Topless review at www.dvddrive-in.com

Whether she really was Swedish is kind of beside the point? Whatever that is.

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