Swedish Actresses: Greta Lovisa Gustafsson

Greta Garbo
(1905 – 1990)
Wikipedia on Garbo

Greta Garbo a set on Flickr by greta_g.
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Bibi said...

Awww, you blogged one of my favourite girls! :) She was so beautiful, I'm never tired of looking of those old photos of her.

tom said...

i second that. the all time greatest. as i teenager i hung out outside her apartment and finally...one day...she emerged. i followed her...not too closely, and not for too long...until she stopped to speak to someone, a friend of hers for years, who i then became came to know. so beautiful...

Anonymous said...

I agree guys, she was precious. A beautiful and interesting face with that added mysterious quality. And, Bibi, I found those images through you, so thanks.