Christmas Comics: Wonder Woman Steals From Children!

Who ever thought that Wonder Woman and the Justice League (geeky correction: "Society", see comments...) would steal Christmas presents from a sleeping child on Christmas Eve?! Well, here's the proof:

And they are smiling too!!

From Random Acts of Geekery


The In Crowd said...

No offense intended, but perhaps I can correct your misunderstanding regarding what's happening on this 1940s comic book cover, if you'll allow it.

It's Wonder Woman and members of the Justice *Society* who are stealing presents from a sleeping child on Christmas Eve.

The Justice League didn't come around until the 1960s, when the super-hero genre was revived towards the beginning of 'the silver age' of comics (speaking of geekery).

I'm smiling too, love the post, love the blog.


P-E Fronning said...

Hahahaha!! :D
Merry Christmas, the geek crowd! :)