Christmas: Here We Go Again...

We do not strive for political correctness nor do we strive for the opposite. Just the same we would like to stress that we do not condone physical or mental abuse. We believe that this image shows a consenting couple celebrating the arrival of Christmas in their own special way.

Here at Martin Klasch Productions we finally have accepted that it is once again that time of year. We have had one sip of glögg and we have listened to a couple of Christmas songs. Therefore we have also, as tradition dictates, added some Christmas links in the sidebar. Perhaps the production team will have time to put together a equally traditional Christmas music compilation later on. We will try. Perhaps we'll repost the compilations from Christmases past too. Until then please use the links in the sidebar for more Christmas.


nico said...

I want the compilation of Christmas 08 !!! Please :)

P-E Fronning said...

Hohoho :)