Ephemera: Badges

This is the badge collection of Johan Urban Bergquist. I found it on his weblog (recommended). I'd guess the collection is mainly from the 70's and perhaps early 80's. I'd also guess one might say it was, at least partly, a typical collection for a Swedish kid at that time. If you were a ska fan.


johan urban said...

Good guess; mostly 70´s, just a few 80´s actually. Thanks for the recommendation, by the way.
I really appreciate your blog too. And now I´m wondering why I am commenting in english when you are obviously swedish too... Hejsvejs!
Johan Urban

P-E Fronning said...

Jajamänsan! ;)

DeLuxe said...

@ johan Urban

"And now I´m wondering why I am commenting in english [...]"

Maybe because the interwebs is an international thing? And because the posts are in English too? :-)

Great blog btw.

Oh, and Buttons became big in the summer of '79. 1980 to 1982 were their heydays. In Holland and in London, that is...