Illustration: David Stone Martin part 2

From LP CoverLover (slightly cropped)

In his article "For the Record" about David Stone Martin in Today's Inspiration Leif Peng says "From my research on the net, it appears that DSM went on to create approximately 400 album covers!". I've posted before about that great article where you'll find some fine examples of David Stone Martin's album cover art.

Peng has also written other articles on Stone Martin making it clear that though being a very productive album cover artist Stone Martin was not only that.

- Today's Inspiration: The Art of the Inked Line: DMS
- Today's Inspiration: David Stone Martin: Early Days
- Today's Inspiration: David Stone Martin: Modernism meets Traditionalism
- Today's Inspiration: David Stone Martin: "Bending a wire"

From Leif Peng's David Stone Martin Flickr set (slightly cropped)


Below - a few other nice places to find his work, not only record covers:

- LP CoverLover's David Stone Martin category
- Birka Jazz shows a large collection of jazz covers by David Stone Martin
- Fox Music Company's Flickr: The Art of Jazz - David Stone Martin Record Cover Art
- ArtCyclopedia links to his Covers for Time Magazine and art work made during WW2
- Vinyl Culture Quarterly has more vinyl covers
- Oscar Grillo Oscartoons: David Stone Martin (a few nice drawings and covers)

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