Magazine Cover: FART

Yep, that's kind of funny. Fart, though, means speed in Swedish. This is a motor magazine from 1963 and the cover shows a Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray, '63 in front of a Pan Am Boeing and of course in the car a couple of happy stewardesses.

The cover and the info came from motorman GrandPrix63! Pay him a visit.


Anonymous said...

alternative bio propellant

Martin Klasch said...


Grandprix 63 said...

Someone spilled the beans;
There will be more FART's on that site :)

Susi.a said...

OH OH OH!!!!

otro dia me miro tu blog desde el 2005 jajaja

Martin Klasch said...

GP63: Someone ate the beans too. Looking forward to you releasing more FART ;)

Susi.a: Thanks for staying with the blog! I wish my Spanish was good enough to follow yours. Hasta luego!