Music: Heaven & Earth - "Refuge"

Three and a half years ago I posted about Heaven & Earth and their record Refuge. I hardly know anything about about the group, however the names of the two singer/songwriters are Pat Gefell and Jo D. Andrews and the record is from 1973. How to describe the music? Folkpop I guess. I'll let the experts give it a go in the comments if they like. If someone has additional information about the group and record it is most welcome. Anyway, I think it's a great record. Have a go!

UPDATE: The show is over.
Sorry for the inconvenience but if you are truly interested mail me (martinklasch AT gmail DOT com) and I'll consider making an exception to that rule.

I managed to find the following production data, in case it means something to you:

Dick Schory - Producer
Jo D. Andrews - Arranger, Vocals
Samuel Magad - Strings
Arthur Lauer - Arp Echoplex, Flute, Flute (Alto)
Bobby Christian - Bongos, Percussion, Conga
Joseph Sciacchitano - Strings
Don Simmons - Drums
William Schoen - Strings
Joseph Golan - Violin
Phil Upchurch - Guitar (Bass)
George Andrews - Arranger, Producer, Organ, Conductor
Jorge Dalto - Clavinet, Piano
Charles Chittenden - Guitar, Guitar (Electric)
Heaven & Earth Main Performer
Jerry Sabransky - Strings
Ron Steele - Guitar (Rhythm), Guitar
Fred Spector - Strings
Pat Gefell - Vocals, Guitar (Rhythm), Guitar

Thanks to Magnus of Bellybongo (sleeps with the fishes now) who uploaded it originally!


Miz said...

Fantastic Album. Thanks for sharing here.

P-E Fronning said...


DJFrederick said...

Hello Martin!

I am a community radio DJ in New Hampshire USA. I downloaded and burned the Heaven & Earth cd a few years ago from Bellybongo's site, and just this week went to bring it to the station to play some tracks again on the air during my show. Absentmindedly keeping it in my jacket pocket after the show, somehow the cd split in two! I have no idea where to find this wonderful music on cd or lp. I would be very grateful for downloadable mp3s of Heaven & Earth's "Refuge".

Frederick Moe

P-E Fronning said...

Frederick: Sure, just send me your mail address in a mail to me (martinklasch at gmail dot com), and I'll fix you up. I'll send you a link through box.net. I won't use your address in any other way.

Skjold Bertelsen said...

Hep Martin! Thanks a lot for your mail earlier this month. I really appriciate it and I'm trying to find a way how to express my gratitude.

P-E Fronning said...

Ditt tack är tillräckligt.
Jag är glad att jag kunde glädja dig.
Nu kan du hygge dig med musiken ;)