Swedish Actresses: Anna Quirentia Nilsson

Anna Q. Nilsson

The Silent Collection by Tammy Stone: Featuring: Anna Q. Nilsson:

"Anna Q Nilsson is one of the very first Hollywood imports, and the first Swedish actress to become a bonafide movie starlet. And another interesting first: Anna goes down in history as the first Swede to become immortalized by way of a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame." (continue)

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Lolita said...

It seems like most of her films are lost - I've only seen her playing cards with Gloria Swanson and Buster Keaton in Sunset Blvd. (1950).
She was beautiful, though! How Sweden can provide Hollywood with stardom - Anna Q. Nilsson, Greta Garbo, Victor Sjöström, Ingrid Bergman...

P-E Fronning said...

Lolita: I have the same limited Q experience, unfortunately.

You mustn't forget Warner Oland.