Architecture: Ford Times, Nov 1959

"Editor's note: As backgrounds for the 1960 Fords, we chose ten wonderful, but unavailable, sites in America's most spectacular scenery, much of which is in national parks and monuments. We then asked R. A. Hermes, graduate architect, to design houses that would take full advantage of each site, against renderings of them by Charles Harper, we photo composed the new models. On the cover you saw a spherical plastic house which would achieve the ultimate in prefabrication since it has no footings or foundation. The tree house on the inside front cover, designed for Sequoia National Park, could be assembled on the ground, then hoisted like a dough nut up a sapling. There are eight other dream houses, each a setting for cars that are not just a dream= "A Wonderful New World of Fords" described in detail on these pages." Ford Times, Nov 1959

This text/image/great set is found at David at The Klockarp Institute's Flickr. He's just swell, go see!
Via butdoesitfloat.com.

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