Ephemera: How to make friends by Telephone

Contact Sheet: How to make friends by Telephone
"Use this instructional guide from the 1940's to learn proper etiquette when operating a telephone."
Via Coisas...


Bibi said...

It was one of my fist posts :) Great to see you are sharing a lot again :)

PS.: someone from André company made a great work to delete the old Bibi's box and move the the unfinished new one without even ask me :| Well, I have no idea where are the images, where were in the main page... I'm pissed. So, please don't go there to see the tragedy :|

P-E Fronning said...

So it has survived all these years then... That's nice! :) As always I just post when I feel up to it and I seem to have been up to it lately ;)

I didn't know there was two "boxes"! But you said unfinished so maybe I shouldn't have known. I just had to check when you told me not to, and I could see that the header and other stuff were gone. That IS a shame! You don't have them saved on your computer then?

Bibi said...

I told you! The posts were moved, but not my images or main page stuff :@ And André isn't being nice at all to fix some things and his staff id it :|

P-E Fronning said...

Did you try kicking him?