Illustration/Art: Lou Loeber

Art by Lou Loeber, 1927

Gouden vlinders / versjes door S. Franke ; plaatjes van Lou Loeber
Via BibliOdyssey

Lou Loeber
(b Amsterdam, 3 May 1894; d Blaricum, 1 Feb 1983). Dutch painter. She trained at the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam (1915-18). She discovered Cubism, especially that of Albert Gleizes, the work of De Stijl and of Le Corbusier in 1919. During 1920-21 the form in her work became more rigid and the colour more sober. She came into contact with works by Piet Mondrian in the Salomon Bernard Slijper (1884-1971) collection (now at the Gemeentemuseum, The Hague), in particular Evolution (1910-11) and Red Windmill (1910). In 1927 she travelled to the Bauhaus at Dessau and to Berlin. She favoured subjects taken from industry and technology and stylized reality using the diagonal, as well as the horizontal and vertical line. A link with visible reality was maintained, however. (Answers.com)

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