Vintage Ads: Evel's Sky- and Motor-sicles

Vintage Ads: Evel Knievel Sky-Cicle mold
Sort of disturbing...



Unknown said...

Pre desktop revolution and it shows. Somebody had to hand cut amberlithe and paste down type for that old ass ad.

Anonymous said...

I dont get? Why disturbing? I dont understand us-american feelings.

Is it because "suggestive boy porn"? A boy sucks a penis?

Or it looks like a DILDO?

Can someone explain it directly whats the point because i dont get it. I need a help. A emotional translation.

Martin Klasch said...

"us-american feelings" - hahaha! That's very strange. Maybe YOU should explain to ME.

I guess you sum it up pretty well - why some might think the image "sort of disturbing". But you missed the boy's very odd facial expression and the fact that he's about to suck the plastic mold, to go with the rest.

Good for you, I suppose, if you don't think it's at all disturbing. You get all the (un)intended suggestions but you don't get why it's "sort of disturbing"? Good for you...?

Anonymous said...

Yes its good for me that you cant control my feelings and tell me how to feel, what to say and what to do.

This image is not disturbing its just stupid, an ad accident - thats all. There is no need to start a silent drama. We can put it in the category lets-see-and-forget-the-next-second.

Do you think this image made a boy, girl, man or woman horny?

I am angry. I dont like the most us-american blogs. They talk without to talk (always ambiguity).

Martin Klasch said...

Dear anonymous angry person,

First of all, this is not a "us-american" blog. Not that it matters but you have to realize that you hate more than "us-american" blog.
I don't get your hate and anger. But those emotions are yours and I really have no interest in trying to "control your feelings". Keep them to yourself and don't read blog that you hate. That's my humble suggestion. Let's just agree to disagree whether this image is "sort of disturbing" or not at all.

Have a nice weekend

PS Sure it's an accident but accidents can be disturbing too. No?