Poster Art: Three Men in the Snow

Three Men in the Snow/Trzej panowie na śniegu (orig. "Drei Männer im Schnee") 1958. Poster by Jerzego Flisaka Jerzy Flisak.


Laura@popdesign said...

Hi Martin, wonderful poster!
I wanted to mention that the actual name of the author is Jerzy Flisack - Polish language has the unusual habit of adding suffixes at the end of names. I discovered this while exploring Polish websites for my Wilkon post and finding him as Józefa Wilkonia! BTW, Flisack is one of my favorites and I am planning to show some of his work on Animalarium!

Laura@popdesign said...

... oooops, I just realized I wrote Flisack twice instead of the correct Flisak. Now I feel silly instead of erudite!

P-E Fronning said...

No no, not silly - I appreciate the correction! I thought the name looked a bit strange, it looked perhaps more like Czech or something... Thanks, Laura, and happy new year!