Show: 1992 Albertville

The 1992 Albertville opening and closing ceremonies were choreographed by Philippe Decouflé. These images, I believe, are from the closing ceremony. I remember there being an even greater number of imaginative balloon-type creations and hordes of men on stilts in the opening ceremony. I'd like to see that again but I can't find any images of it, unfortunately. Anyone?

More video! Thanks JohnCanon


JohnCanon said...

Wonderful to see again. On television I remember fondly the 1992 Albertville closing ceremonies. There was so much more than we can see on these valuable clips.
The Closing had parading dancers clad in 1-metre clear "snowglobes" containing "snow" that was stirred up by swinging their arms.
The grand finale was a famous French singer and her heartfelt rendition of La Marseillaise.
I have been searching for that clip.
PS, here is some clips of Albertville.

P-E Fronning said...

Those are nice new clips, thanks! I'm beginning to think I've been dreaming those masses of men on stilts and large balloony creations. Well, still these were pretty nice ceremonies created with lots of imagination and artistry.