Poster Art: Patrick Tilley

Artist Partners: Patrick Tilley
Via Quad Royal



Nat said...

Wish I could find it now, but there is a pretty stunning Modest Mouse poster inspired by this.

crownfolio said...

I'd love to see that if you ever do come across it. And I suspect so would Patrick Tilley - he emailed as a result of the blog and is really pleased that his work is being picked up again

Nat said...

Actually found it, although unfortunately only a tiny pic: http://www.americanposterinstitute.com/flatstock/images/designersFS3/Jeff%20Kleinsmith.jpg

Designed by Jeff Kleinsmith of patent pending industries

P-E Fronning said...

Nat: Nice.
Crownfolio: Cool that he appreciates the attention to his designs. Not being a fan of fantasy and sci-fi I really wish he'd concentrate on the important stuff ;)