Movies: The Italian Job

I don't know if you are interested but I've uploaded a bunch of movie stills from The Italian Job from 1969. You can see the stills over here. But beware - if you haven't seen the movie yet they might spoil it for you.

Anyway. Google street view (and similar services) are neat things. In the movie there is an outdoor scene shot at the corner of Portobello Road and Denbigh Close. I'm definitely (I wish I could say I was) no London connoisseur but it's always interesting to see how cities change or how they sometimes don't.

Below the London images is a still from the same movie but this time in Turin. It is the Torino Palavela arena, formerly known as Palazzo delle Mostre and Palazzo a Vela. Except for the mis-coloring of the roof I think it looked better in the movie.

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