Baddaren blå

If anyone knows the designer and when it was created please let me know.

To earn this classic little learn-to-swim badge you need to manage these three tests:
1: "the dip test".
You have to submerge your head five times.
2: "the bubble test". Breathe in, hold your breath, submerge and exhale under water. Repeat five times.
3: "the gliding test".
Glide for 5 seconds face-down with outstretched arms.

Stationsvakt: Baddaren (in Swedish)


Annukka said...

Why not try and contact Annika Gardell who is
"Simmärkesansvarig" at Svenska Simförbundet? Maybe she knows the designer?

josephzohn said...

Glad och skål!
Var är du???

P-E Fronning said...

Annukka: Thanks for the suggestion :)

MrJ: Här är jag.