Lektyr Magazine Cover

Checking my Flickr account statistics I've realized that this is the most viewed image on my Flickr. It's a Swedish magazine cover from 1954. It has over 8.500 views. This should be compared with the just over 2.000 that the second place holder has managed to scrape together. And yet, not a single viewer has marked this seemingly popular cover as a favorite (my most liked image has over 70 fans). It's not a super cover or anything so this in itself doesn't surprise me. The combination, however, make me wonder and speculate.

Lektyr has been around since the 20s and in the 50s it was mainly a magazine containing adventure stories targeted at men. "How I managed to survive the wrath of the headhunter tribe". In the 60s, just like a number of other magazines Lektyr turn to pornography in order to survive. As far as I know - I haven't seen it in a long time (Scout's honor!) - it's now a hardcore porn magazine with a few articles on cars added to justify the readers interest in the magazine.

When googling Lektyr the image as well as the Flickr reference for this image seems to rank pretty high. Thus, my conclusion is that people searching for racy covers of Lektyr keeps coming across this not so sexy image. How disappointing it must be. No wonder it has no fans. Sorry.

Now I only wonder how many disappointed readers this post will have. I apologize in advance.


MaryH said...

Hahaha, cool story.
The numbers speak for themselves.
Not disappointed here.

P-E Fronning said...

Ah, good. I'm relieved, Mary!